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We are Imperial Rank SEO

Founder's Story

Ruti Dadash here.

Have you ever been faced with a decision where one option is hard, and one option is easy?

I was leaning over the book of song options for my Grade 5 keyboard exam, trying to choose between two songs.

“Which one is harder?” I asked my keyboard teacher.

“That one.”

“So that’s the one I’m doing.”

Yes, my teenage self was not one to back down from a challenge. And neither is my adult self.

Challenging to learn, but oh so satisfying to master


Making the tough decisions

Should I continue freelancing my SEO services, or build out an agency so we can do awesome work for tens of clients? I picked the harder option, the agency.

Will I just outsource most of the fulfilment to a white label agency, or actually train my team, set up templates and processes, and make the magic happen ourselves? I chose to keep all the work in-house, so we can personally ensure our clients get amazing results.

And my favourite: should I hire 9-5s, who will sit behind a desk at my office and work away? Or open the opportunity to work-from-home mums who need a more flexible work arrangement? Being a working mum myself, I picked the latter.


So, what's our team culture like?

Just like other offices, we have a ton of fun. Our Slack group is full of GIF wars and pun battles, and of course our resident Slackbot is always happy to chime in with his (sometimes random) comments and dad jokes. 

But honestly, what sets us apart from other teams is the fact that we are all working mums. Each one of us has a family that means the world to us, and if that means that babies sometimes join our calls, or that we have to rearrange our working hours when a kid is home sick or has an appointment, so be it. We don’t just say we’re a family-first business, we actually are.

Does this come at the expense of our clients? Not in a million years! Admit it, mums know how to get everything done. I’m thankful to be blessed with an amazing team of responsible, dedicated superstars who have each other’s backs. If one person won’t meet a deadline, someone else will step in for them. We’ve set up systems to ensure that no one is irreplaceable, and not because we want to fire them! If they can’t work for whatever reason, someone else will be able to step right up and continue exactly where they left off.

And as for our babies… well, we’re training them in young.