SEO Strategy

Get a clear, comprehensive digital marketing strategy for your team to implement so that your website will finally receive the online attention it deserves.

Is your website hidden away on page 67 of Google?
  • Do you wish your target audience would somehow find your website so they could fall in love with your solution?
  • Has SEO been sitting on your to-do list for a while, but you just don’t know where to start?
  • Are you sure your team could do a great job if they just had some guidance?

You have a strong business, great products, and a beautiful website. Now, it’s time for potential clients to find out about it.

  • Imagine a steady flow of paying customers, or of qualified leads asking your sales team for demos. 
  • You’d know exactly what to do to help more and more of your target audience discover and fall in love with your solution. 
  • And, of course, all those congratulations you’ll get from the higher-ups for a job well done.

With my SEO Strategy, you’ll get clarity on which forms of digital marketing to be focusing on, and learn exactly how to adjust your site to be more SEO-friendly.

How we'll create your SEO strategy

1. Questionnaire

We’ll begin with a questionnaire that helps me understand your business. An SEO strategy that is highly tailored to your business model will be far more effective.

2. Getting to know you

We’ll then have a 60-minute meeting where I learn more about how your team works, so I can design a strategy that will work for you.

3. Creating the strategy

Over the next two weeks, I will craft a comprehensive SEO strategy that goes through many elements of your website and explains clearly both short and long term moves.

4. The handover

We’ll then have a 60-90 minute meeting where I’ll present the strategy to you and your team. You can ask any question you want, and we’ll make sure everything is crystal clear. 

After the handover meeting, you’ll receive a recording of the call, as well as the strategy and any other necessary materials. I’ll also give you the checklist my own team use to optimize every piece of content, so that your writers will be able to produce SEO-ready content for your site.

You’ll be all set to give your site a complete SEO-makeover – and keep your SEO at a high level moving forward.

Your target audience will soon be finding your website without any advertising involved, and you will be declared a hero by the CEO. 

Don’t worry about risky moves. I only use proven, 100% white-hat SEO tactics that have no risk of negatively impacting your site’s ranking.