Let's get those
beds filled

There are many addicts who want help.

They’re searching online for alcohol and drug rehab facilities near them.

But they aren’t finding yours.

Are you ready for more admissions?

Enough messing around with advertisements in the local paper. 

We’ll bring you the clients, you’ll help them break free of their addiction.


How it all works

It’s actually pretty simple. There are three steps:

They search online for drug rehab options

They find your website and decide to call you

They come to your facility and transform their lives


  • Step 1 happens tens of thousands of times per day.
  • Step 3 is your department, and you’re doing a great job.
  • Step 2 is what you can leave to us. We’ll ensure that your website is found by the right people and gives them the right message at the right time.


So, what exactly is it that we do?

What we do


SEO has a lot of moving parts. Lucky for you, we’re ready to step in and take care of them all. Here is a description of some of the services we include:

Keyword research

We created a unique three-pronged approach to keyword research, designed to maximize the ROI of our work.

Quality content

You'll receive well-researched, flawless content that aligns perfectly with your messaging and target audience.

Technical SEO

We'll ensure your site speed is up to scratch and that all technical details are in place.

Custom graphics

Our content comes complete with custom graphics that align with your branding and colors.

Our promise

We'll be your in-house SEO team

It’s easier to keep your eye on an in-house SEO team, and know exactly what they’re up to. They also have a chance to get to know your facility and brand very well.

So when we say we’ll be your in-house SEO team, what do we mean?

Dedicated team

You'll have 1-3 experts whose primary focus will be your business. Almost like an out-of-office in-house SEO team.

Frequent updates

Through weekly reports and meetings you will be fully updated on our progress.

Full transparency

Not sure what we're doing? We'll happily explain every single move we make to ensure you are statisfied.

Feedback loop

We want to represent your brand perfectly, which is why we have an open 2-way communication channel for feedback.

Check out that list

When we say that we'll take care of everything, we mean that we'll take care of everything.